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Radical changes to CNB Championship 2005

After the FPBS meeting (29/01/05) The league will now divide in to 2 divisions. League A and League B. League A will be the top league with Wood bats and the strongest teams. League B will be the second League with rule similar to the CNB 2004.
Académica have always supported to move to wood, feeling that for us to excel in Europe this year it will be a much needed change.

Académica Books Their Place in Europe

Académica have just booked their place in the European Championship
C.E.B. Cup Qualification Pool. Académica secured their place in europe after winning the championship 2004. With the new season approaching and europe booked in to the calendar
its going to be a busy season for the champs. Keep your eyes here for further information about european progress.

Académica Wins the Championship.

After a long competitive year the championship came down to a show down between Académica Coimbra Baseball and Aveiro University. Entering the game Aveiro had a 4 run advantage over Académica due to a loss earlier on in the season. Académica immediately took an advantage in the game which was never lost. The game was tight entering the top of the seventh Académica was only leading by 3 runs after a Home Run from Marco Marques. The first run was scored on an error by the third baseman of Aveiro leaving the winning run Silvio Silva at third with two outs. At the plate was Ricardo Delagard, a well hit ground ball though the infield the runner scored and he was safe at first. Leaving the Championship only three outs away from being ours. The last three outs followed in order including a spectacular catch from the right fielder Marco Costa for the second, The final winning out was Struck Out leaving the CNB 2004 Championship Académica Basebols. Edward Jeffery was the winning pitcher for Académica.

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  Académica takes place in cup final.

Académicas first game was a night game against White Sharks Almada. The game was taken under control by Académica in the first inning and was never threatened. In the Top of the 4th back to back home runs by Marco Marqes and Edward Jeffery added to the score line. White Sharks were finding it hard to contain Académica Offence and retired from game early in the 6th inning. Leaving Académica in the finals with Tigres de Loulé .


Statistics 2004.

Statistics for the CNB Championship 2004 have been released and can be found Here...